Friday, January 11, 2013

This Week in Project life.......

On Wed I went out to the ranch with Dad, and helped repair the barn roof that was damaged by the tornado in Aug 2011.  It's a slow project, we are working on getting the  rafter back up, and putting the 2x6's across the rafters.   Smokey was bored in the afternoon, and in the evening Max, the cat greeted him when we arrived home. 

We also caked the cows that are on the cornstalks. The 040 cow loves to eat cake from our hands. 

The horses were up so I went and visited them, gave them scratches. The black/grey filly is my three yr old out of McKenzie, can't wait to get her started this summer.  The eye is from my three yr old buckskin filly, the sorrel filly is my three yr old orphan filly by Sage,  the sorrel head shot is Wyatt, his face healed up nicely from the surgery, and my buckskin filly is nibbling on my sorrel filly while I scratch her. The last picture is of our first calf heifers that are due in March. 

On Saturday, I went out to the ranch to help work on the barn, the first picture is the east side of the barn with the wall missing, Smokey playing with the ranch dogs, Dad cutting the tin in the next two pictures, burning the boards and feed bags to melt  the ice in the tank, more cutting tin, smokey sleeping, smokey playing fetch with a piece of wood, and then burying it, and having a very dirty nose, Dad on the ladder screwing more pieces of wood on the rafters, and the last picture is the barn with the wall finished. 

Thurday was the Lady Wrangler drill team meeting, and we elected officers. I'm the historian once again, it's my job to take pictures and scrapbook them.  

Sunday was my day to make donuts at work....

Pretty winter scene this morning

My cross stitch project is coming along slowly....

For Christmas I got my sister a puppy, and she finally got to pick her out, and meet her.  I drew my sister's name for Christmas, and that's what was on her list.  We then went out to eat at the Cedar Canyon steakhouse for supper. Yum.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Smokey visit Santa Paws

Last night we went to see Santa Paws at the vet clinic, and last year he did quite well, wouldn't go and sit near Santa, but he at least sat near me, this year he wouldn't even think of going near Santa, and high tailed it out of the area.  I dragged him back and we did get a few pictures of him.

Picture with Santa Paws....not wanting to have anything to do with him at all. Last year he did actually sit next to him with me behind him. Not this year, no way no how was he even going to stay in the same room as that bearded man.

He was much more relaxed once Santa had left....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12th on the 12th

I'm a little bit late getting this done, but I did it.
 Max loving up on Smokey   Feeding the weanlings  .My shadow and Smokey
  Self Portrait  .burning tar paper  Dad  working on the barn roof.   Dad sawing   bored Smokey  Smokey meeting a new cat  . Slowing growing Amaryllis  In my comfy cowboy boot slippers . enjoying hot chocolate

PL2012 was a epic fail, new plans for PL2013

Last year I attempted project life 2012, and I did mange to make it to week 20 before quitting, but I didn't blog about them, might do that later on but right now I'm looking at PL2013.

For Project Life 2012 I basically set myself up for failure. I had in my mind what it should look like, after reading and looking at everyone else's cool Project Life books.  After looking at mine, I decided I would do a few things differently.  I will keep a journal, wish I would have done that in 2012, so much easier to look at the journal, and map out what pictures I'm going to put where and document that, instead of  trying to look at hundreds of photos and trying to figure out the date and story behind each and everyone. This is the main reason for the epic pl2012 epic fail folk. The second reason for a epic fail is setting a time to do project life, and organizing photos.  My schedule is hectic, with the job in town and working at the ranch. I have very little me time, so in order to make PL work for me, I'm going to set a block of time on Sunday evenings to work on it. That means getting the pictures off of the camera and phone, organizing them on the computer, and ordering them from Persnickety Prints each week.  I have a new printer that I plan on using to print journal cards on, and I might try my hand at printing a few pictures here and there but most of my pictures will be printed by Persnickety Prints.

I will be using Project life Seafoam kit. I fell in love with it the first day that Elsie Cripes posted it on her blog  
I love her blog, her simple style, her craftiness. Love it.  I also love the colors grey and yellow.  So this is what I'm going to be using most of the time in my Project Life, I will be getting the Studio Calico's monthly PL kit and I'll be adding journal cards and other stuff in my PL from that too.  I'll also be using some of my stash of paper and elements to my PL. But for the most part I plan on keeping it really simple.

I also love stamping and bought a few stamps and ink to go with my Project Life. I fell in Love with
Ali Edward's stamps, and Kelly Purkey's stamps so I'll be using some of those along with a few of Elsie Cripes stamps. I'll be using those to make a few journal cards of my own, and using the colors of the Seafoam kit.  Love these colors! I order so ink from Stampin Up website that match these colors.

A few of the things that I want to include in PL2013 are:

  • Monthly self portrait with goals on it.  
  • take 13 pictures on the 13th of each month
  • Keeping up this blog
  • Currents
  • Pictures of the mail either on the counter or the mailbox
  • Pictures of the feet during the seasons
  • Books I'm reading
  • Dates....frightening but true
  • screenshot of the weather
  • food
  • trips to the store/storefront/shopping cart
  • day at the ranch
  • day trips/vacations
  • crafts and cross stitch
  • Day to day life
  • Recipes
  • receipts, mementos, brochures etc.
  •  A picture of Smokey and his Smokyisms: like he always has to follow me upstairs in the morning, and if he's in the lead he will turn around and get behind me. If he's mad or upset he will sit at the corner of the couch with his back to me.
  •   Pictures at the bakery
  • Pinterest 
  • Goals or milestones
  • Horses
  • News articles
  • text or emails
  • collections: prim dolls, breyer snow globes, sheep and snowmen
  • plants
  • happy mail
  • Instagrams
  • Polaroids 
  • A week in the life

So that folks is going to be my project life this coming year.....this is the one goal that I plan on sticking to, if I don't accomplish anything else, I want to do a complete year of Project life in hopes that I find  a way to succeed and do it for more years to come. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Start of Project life

It's finally here! I've been waiting what seems like weeks for it to arrive, and it came the other day. So I put it together, just waiting on the album, and pictures and then I'll start showing the weeks.

I'm starting to do the Project life, that was created by Becky Higgins. With Project life,
it's easy to create beautiful layouts that tell the story of you and your family. That's what I need, something fun and easy that tells the story of my life and family.

How am I going to use Project life?

Simple, mine is going to be a photo a day album, with each layout documenting my life. For sure each week is going to have a picture of Smokey, that's a given, and of course a horse or two, along with cattle, friends and family.